Where will it be held?

This year’s conference will be held in Singapore Management University  Auditorium at Admin Building Mochtar Riady Auditorium on November 18th

Why Singapore?

Singapore can take the lead in responsible AI implementation because it is a perfect policy incubator with strong ties between academia, government, and business.

The timing is perfect for Singaore to take a leadership role in the ethical development of AI and attract international associations, influencers, companies, and conferences to not just discuss these important questions but show the world how these technologies can be developed responsibly.

Singapore is an excellent policy incubator with strong ties between academia, government and private corporations. Singapore has the opportunity to take the competitive edge when it comes to responsible AI development and should be courting the associations and conference that are leading this space.

Great for the businesses here the industries here and also academia - as ethical development of AI and Robotics becomes even more important Singapore and its companies and citizens can benefit from taking a leadership role with The Robot Of The Year playing  key role in helping Singapore with this positioning and development.