What are the topics and themes?

Expert validated topics and themes that will shape industries for years to come:

  1. Accountability in AI – Who is accountable for ethical principles

  2. Democratization of AI - How people can gain access to important technologies?

  3. Practical AI Implementations – What are the real world AI applications and solutions changing people’s lives?

  4. The Future of Urban Cities – How can our cities help increase human well-being?

  5. Innovation and Ethics – How can we use ethics to increase the speed of innovation?

  6. Inequality Gap - How can we reduce the inequality gap with the use of ethical AI?

  7. Sustainability and Evolution in the Age of AI – How can we evolve to live with machines and become better humans?

  8. Mechanism for Social Change – Can AI be a catalyst for positive social change?


Industry Related Topical Workshops 

  1. Future of Work - Economic and Societal Implications and Consequences

  2. Auditing Algorithms  - Diagnosing the Unwanted Consequences of Algorithmic Systems

Who will be speaking?

Hear from top scientists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, sociologists, philosophers and regulators from around the world.

Who will be attending?

Developers, product managers, company executives, investors, entrepreneurs, government, regulators, compliance officers from each industry will benefit from the cross disciplinary program.

This will be a unique gathering of experts from all over the world sharing practical solutions and best practices.

The format will be focused on the practical implementation in real world applications, unlike other conferences this will be about what you and your company can do to prepare for a better future.

 This will be a unique gathering of experts from all over the world sharing practical solutions and best practices from 11 different industries.

  • Legal and Compliance

  • Aerospace & Aeronautic

  • Agriculture

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Environment

  • Fintech & Insurtech

  • Healthcare

  • Mobility & Smart cities

  • Retail

  • Transport & Logistics