What is The Robot Of The Year?

  •  The world’s first international prize for the best ethical innovations in AI and robotics with winners benefiting from financing up to €2M.

  • A global conference and ecosystem that finds and funds the top ethical artificial intelligence and robotics innovations in the world.

  • Showcasing practical solutions so that businesses can advance faster, products can be built safer, and we can build a better world using AI and Robotics.

What makes this conference unique?

  • The only Ethics focuses global conference on AI and Robotic with 11 different industries and a top prize being awarded based on 10 ethical criteria.

  • Themes and topics that focus on practical solutions to tackle the tough questions faced by industries and companies.

  • Awe provoking exhibits and spectacular innovations that defy convention, blending art and technology.

1-day, 23 speakers, 2 workshops, 3 panels, 350 attendees, two international prizes.