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Building a data use culture to stay competitive in the Business 4.0 era.

To stay competitive in the Business 4.0 era, one big challenge for companies is to develop a data use culture. “It's a long-term job and it really affects the entire organization" says Julie Caredda, KPMG associate - AI & Data Analytics, and jury member of The Robot Of The Year. “The importance of the subject, the uses but also the role of each collaborator must be clearly explained”. Read the full interview (in french).

What a safe artificial intelligence requires ?
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The question about AI today is not wether machines can meet or beat human performance at a specific cognitive task but can machines outperform humans at any cognitive task. That is where AI research may face its greatest challenge: we need machines to be wise as well as smart. As Miles Kington said, knowledge is to know that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is to know not to put it in a fruit salad. Read more :

An AI to predict the side effects of millions of drug combinations.
Credit :  Bioinformatics

Millions of people take upwards of five medications a day, but testing the side effects of such combinations is impractical. Now, Stanford computer scientists have figured out how to predict side effects using artificial intelligence. Read more : Stanford News  and Bioinformatics.

AI ethics: how far could companies go to retain employees?
The Associated Press

The Associated Press

As companies struggle to predict how likely their employees are to leave, organizations are turning to data and sentiment analysis using artificial intelligence. Read more : The Globe And Mail.