AI will help recruiters in the solving of (some) problems, not replace them.

Low attractiveness of the company looking to recruit, rare skills ... every day many recruitment offers are dropped due to lack of candidates. Moreover, companies spend a lot of time and money interviewing candidates. Can artificial intelligence solve these problems and optimize the recruitment process? Will it replace recruiters? How to avoid bias and ensure an ethical approach in a AI assisted recruitment process?
”AI will help recruiters in the solving of (some) problems, not replace them” says Christophe Montagnon, Chief Innovation and Information Officer at Randstad. Watch FrenchWeb full interview of Christophe Montagnon during The Robot Of The Year 2018 edition (in french).

Gilles Folin
Relive the highlights of The Robot Of The Year 2018.

Great success for the 1st edition of The Robot Of The Year, which took place on November 26, 2018 at Station F - Paris : 450 attendees, 38 renowned speakers, 12 panels and keynotes, and 2 outstanding innovations awarded.
Find out how ethical Artificial Intelligence & Robots will impact the future of humankind : the future of work, medical and healthcare, business and industry 4.0, humanitarian organization and more.
Watch the video of The Robot Of The Year 2018 highlights.

Gilles Folin
Empathy to build interactive and social robots.

Most of the time, contacts between humans and robots are difficult to establish, robots often ignore us. How can we create robots that give you "the feeling that you exist in their eyes"? Robots that, beyond speech analysis, can also understand the environment and analyse human behaviors to build an answer and to perform an operation with empathy. This is the challenge of Spoon, a French startup founded by Jérome Monceaux. Watch FrenchWeb interview with Jérome Monceaux during The Robot Of The Year 2018 edition.

Gilles Folin
Building a data use culture to stay competitive in the Business 4.0 era.

To stay competitive in the Business 4.0 era, one big challenge for companies is to develop a data use culture. “It's a long-term job and it really affects the entire organization" says Julie Caredda, KPMG associate - AI & Data Analytics, and jury member of The Robot Of The Year. “The importance of the subject, the uses but also the role of each collaborator must be clearly explained”. Read the full interview (in french).