How do you define AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a software that automatically learns from an educative database and then can solve efficiently problems after this learning process.

What progress AI will bring to humanity in your own specific sector or field?

In a first step, AI will allow for automatic medical image analysis improving thus diagnosis. In a second step, from this analysis, AI will automatically propose an efficient therapy improving thus the therapeutical choice. In a third step AI will control robots to apply the selected therapy improving thus pathology treatment.

Among our AI ethical criteria, which one is the most important to you?

All of these ten steps are equally important to cure efficiently the patient.

What is your favorite sci-fi or literature quote forecasting what’s ahead?

“One is glad to be of service”
The Bicentennial Man, Isaac Asimov.

What daily life global or personal problem do you expect AI to solve 10 years from now?

AI should track our health data to automatically detect risk of cancer development and then allow early diagnosis.

Luc Soler is a member of The Robot Of The Year Jury.
Manager of the Research and Development in computer assisted surgery team of