How do you define AI?

Nowadays: all the programming technics that allow you to carry out functions that are «commonly known » as being performed by our brain.

What it should be: the functions which allow understanding and reacting properly to an unknown situation.

What progress AI will bring to humanity in your own specific sector or field?

In a first step, AI will allow for automatic medical image analysis improving thus diagnosis. In a second step, from this analysis, AI will automatically propose an efficient therapy improving thus the therapeutical choice. In a third step AI will control robots to apply the selected therapy improving thus pathology treatment.

Among our AI ethical criteria, which one is the most important to you?

Among the given criteria, I'd choose 8. Education: Robots and AI help humans become better individuals and help humanity navigate its expending landscape of knowledge and diversity.

What is your favorite sci-fi or literature quote forecasting what’s ahead?

With great power there must also come–great responsibility!”
Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15, August 1962.

What daily life global or personal problem do you expect AI to solve 10 years from now?

To solve is not the proper term: AI will allow to improve many things; from self-driving cars to improved medical diagnosis, portable health devices, as well as helping granting credits to the right people (those straight ones who will reimburse), and also helping humankind interacting with Aliens when the time will come...

Bruno Maisonnier is the mentor of The Robot Of The Year fist edition.
CEO and founder of